„I listen to what you say, but I hear what you mean.“

Agatha Christie’s famous detective Hercule Poirot refers to his analytical skills when he explains “I listen to what you say, but I hear what you mean”.  These are not only essential for detective work, but also for translating and interpreting, because languages are closely linked to their cultural contexts. And every society has its own rules regarding the right and wrong things to say and do. -> more


Much more than words

To deliver a message aptly in another language it is necessary to read between the lines and to think on one’s feet. I enjoy this challenge immensely. In translating and interpreting I can offer you much more than words, as I am familiar with specific socio-cultural contexts. -> more


Language & Technology

Aside from being a graduated conference interpreter I am also a fully qualified architect. Judiciously designed supporting structures, and sophisticated mechanisms in machine engineering fascinate me just as much as the infinite possibilities language offers to create something new.  -> more